Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The BMW Advanced Battery Charging System.

One of the best items of value in the BMW Aftermarket Parts catalog is the $69 Advanced Battery Charging System which comes with an astounding 10-year warranty.  If you are fortunate to have several cars or leave one parked for a long periods of time, one of these intelligent Battery Charging Systems can prolong the life of your BMW Battery.

The BMW Advanced Charging system is a 1.25 Amp battery charger and includes complex BTP microchip technology.  This technology tops off your BMW’s lead acid battery charge.  It then automatically maintains the battery through what is known as “float” voltage which eliminates sulfation which can destroy lead acid batteries.

Knowing how to repair and maintain your precious BMW and other foreign cars in the Topeka area is what A.J.’s Auto Imports is all about.  From their location at S.W. Harrison in Topeka they take care of your vehicle both foreign and domestic.  Give them a call for any auto maintenance issue at (784) 233-1000. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Routine Maintenance 101.

It is simply THE most important thing that you can do for your vehicle.  Stay on top of its health as you would your own!  Routine maintenance is the way to do that.  Oil changes, battery checks, tires, windshield wipers, the cabin filter, and other filters as well.  It all adds up to peace of mind and a greater trade-in value.

Here are some routine maintenance tips –

1.  Know your owner’s manual.
2.  Always change your oil and filter on time.
3.  Check your tires every month.
4.  Have all other fluids checked.
5.  Examine your belts and hoses.

That is why we are here.  A.J.’s Import Garage checks all of the boxes.  Routine maintenance should be considered mandatory regular maintenance if you are serious about keeping your car for many years.  Don’t get lazy!  Schedule your vehicle’s maintenance appointments with us.  That’s A.J.’s Import Garage at 501 S.W. Harrison in Topeka.  Call (784) 233-1000.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

That Was A Beautiful Drive.

You might hear a golf commentator say this.  In this particular case, we want you to have a beautiful and safe summer vacation by car as you head out of Topeka.  So many of us in the area are planning long drives this summer (after all, we are right in the middle of America, so every drive is pretty much a long one!).

Here are some tips for long-distance vehicle travel –

1.  Get plenty of sleep before you travel.
2.  You need plenty of fuel…just like your car.
3.  Always remain hydrated.
4.  Plan your stops ahead of time.
5.  Sit up straight (OK, mom!).
6.  Have your vehicle thoroughly checked.

We’ve got that one.  Before you head out for a memorable summer vacation make an appointment at A.J.’s Import Garage.  Here at A.J.’s we check and repair any possible impediments to your driving safety on your long trip from Topeka to points in any direction.  Make an appointment at 501 S.W. Harrison.  Just call (784) 233-1000.