Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Temperature’s Rising…and It Is NOT Outdoors!

The temperature gauge in your vehicle is designed to indicate the temperature of your engine’s coolant and this gauge will indicate if you need it to be repaired by A.J.’s Import Garage in Topeka. This gauge will tell you if your engine’s coolant might be overheating. It is an important dial that is located on the dashboard of your vehicle.

If the temperature gauge reads high, it COULD mean your engine is overheating. Take this reading very seriously. Simply put, you should NEVER drive a vehicle with an overheating engine! Here is a tip you may not have thought of…turn up the heat in your car as high as it will go and roll down the windows.

A.J.’s Import Garage is Topeka’s import and domestic car repair specialist. When we say specialist, we mean that they handle all types of mechanical problems in all types of cars, SUV’s, etc. in the greater Topeka, KS area. See their many services by visiting their website at Call for an appointment at (785) 233-1000.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How Often Should I Have My Car’s Brakes Checked?

It is not an exact science. Some say every 25,000 miles while others claim that you could go as many as 75,000 miles. That is quite a discrepancy! Since there is no precise time or mileage that one can say you should have your brakes inspected, the wear on your brake pads and rotors will depend on a handful of factors.

Some of them are –


1.  A professional should investigate the thickness of your brake pads.

2.  Listen for that dreaded high-pitched squeal.

3.  Is your car pulling to one side?

4.  If the rotors are warped, vibrations may occur.

The one thing you do not want is someone inspecting them whose primary goal is to sell you new brakes! At A.J.’s Import Garage we will assess your car’s brakes and give you an honest appraisal. You can always trust A.J.’s for a complete array of auto services whether you drive an import or not. Visit Call ahead at (785) 233-1000.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Timing is Everything.

This may be true in your life and especially so in your finely tuned German car tooling around Topeka. Not to overstate it but, your car’s timing belt is essential to the proper function of the engine itself. Your timing belt acts as a link between the two most important halves allowing for proper air flow, at the correct time, within your engine.

What are some of the symptoms of a failing belt?

1.  There are odd noises emanating from your car’s engine

2.  Your car occasionally misfires

3.  It idles roughly

4.  And of course…just look for a light illuminating on your dashboard

You probably already know about the importance of your timing belt…especially if you drive a foreign car. The best place to have it checked and perhaps replaced if necessary is A.J.’s Import Garage. Count on A.J.’s for quality workmanship on all types of vehicles at 501 S.W. Harrison in Topeka. Call for an appointment at (785) 233-1000 and visit

Monday, March 1, 2021

Some Tips to Keep your Luxury German Car on the Road.

When you drive your Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, or BMW around the roadways of Topeka you have come to expect a smooth and dynamic ride. However, without maintenance, your luxury car may start to feel less than luxurious. Caring for your vehicle is absolutely essential to ensure that your car will continue to purr along!

Here are some tips –

1.  Just listen…turn down your radio and listen for odd sounds.

2.  Always be mindful of your tires.

3.  Always (especially now) be mindful of your battery.

4.  Check the coolant levels often.

5.  Simply get an oil change.

These are just some basic tips to keep your German car in tip-top condition 12 months a year. To get the very best service, guaranteed on your car every time, count on the expert mechanics at A.J.’s Import Garage. Import is in our name. To see the many services we provide please google If you need an appointment call (785) 233-1000.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Why Does a Car Have a Catalytic Converter?

If you have a catalytic converter at all in your foreign or domestic vehicle, it means you are driving an internal combustion engine car. Catalytic converters would be unnecessary on electric cars which means most of you driving the roads of Topeka have catalytic converters under the hood. So, what about them?

How you can tell when one is going bad –


1.  The engine is running sluggishly

2.  The exhaust smoke is especially dark

3.  It starts smelling like rotten eggs

4.  You open the hood and it is especially hot

A bad catalytic converter needs to be tended too immediately! No matter what you drive, may we suggest A.J.’s Import Garage. They are Topeka’s CAT specialists located at 501 S.W. Harrison in Topeka. It’s not all in the name, they handle foreign and domestic vehicles. Just google If you want an appointment call (785) 233-1000.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Watch Out for that Pothole!

Let us start by examining what forms a pothole on the roads around Topeka. We find potholes to be road imperfections that occur when soil compacted beneath pavement gets weak or even becomes displaced. And, if you don’t already know from personal experience as a Topeka area driver, they are particularly bad in late winter, early spring!

Here is what you should check if you hit a pothole –

1.  Look at your tires as soon as you can.

2.  Check the wheels for bends, cracks, or chips.

3.  Exhaust pipes are a perfect target for potholes.

4.  If your car is lower to the ground…beware.

5.  Above all it is your car’s suspension. There is just so much it can handle.

If you feel your car has been compromised by hitting a pothole on area roads, then wobble in to A.J.’s Import Garage at 501 S.W. Harrison. They are Topeka’s suspension repair experts. Regardless of what you drive, potholes show NO respect! Please google and call (785) 233-1000 for an appointment.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

How to Make it More Comfortable in Here.

Let us start with a brief tutorial. Your vehicle’s cabin will heat up as the engine’s coolant heats up. What happens is that the coolant absorbs the heat from the engine and causes it to become hot. This coolant is then routed through sort of a radiator called a heater core. This heater core then passes the hot air it generates into the vehicle with a blower fan.

Many different things can go wrong causing the whole system to work poorly or not at all. Make sure you have driven at least 5 to 10 minutes and have the thermostat checked if the heating system is not performing the way it used to. Thermostats are a common item that wears out over time, and typically break open, so it is always allowing coolant to flow through the engine.

Let A.J.’s Import Garage help you keep your ride comfortable throughout this and more winter seasons to come. For a thermostat repair or replacement get over to A.J’s Import Garage in Topeka located at 501 S.W. Harrison and make sure to don’t sit shivering in your beautiful car! Call ahead for an appointment at (785) 233-1000 or visit