Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Timing Belts.

Let’s discuss a little-known part of your import car…its timing belt. They are just one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s engine…that’s all! What a timing belt does is connect the camshaft to the crankshaft. That may not mean much to you at this moment, but trust and believe that A.J.’s Import Garage in Topeka knows all about timing belts.

A.J.s expert mechanics may use over a dozen tools to fix your foreign car’s timing belt. Yeah, they have the tools of the trade. They will not take the cheap route, because they know that about ever 5 years a timing belt can go bad. Their methods are honed over decades, and they can be implicitly trusted to fix your foreign car’s timing belt.

Before you hear that nasty squeal, make an appointment at A.J.’s Import Garage located conveniently at 501 S.W. Harrison in Topeka. Just call this number (785) 233-1000. Your peace of mind will begin almost immediately. For your foreign car’s health and continued performance always trust A.J.’s Import Garage. You will see them on the web at ajsimportgarage.com.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Brake Inspection and Repair.

Let’s face it. Your vehicle’s brakes are the last line of defense to protect your safety. Having brakes that work EVERY time is tantamount to your well-being. In the capitol city the best place to have your brakes checked is A.J.’s Import Garage located at 501 S.W. Harrison in Topeka. It doesn’t matter what you drive, their mechanics will service your brakes.

Here are some of the early warning signs of failing brakes -

1.  Is there a fluid leak where you park your car?

2.  The application of the brakes seems to be softer.

3.  Your car pulls to one side when your brake.

4.  That dreaded squealing sound.

As the seasons change, it’s a particularly good time to have your brakes checked by the brake experts at A.J.’s Import Garage. Drivers in the Topeka area know that domestic and import vehicles will be checked for failing brakes…accurately and guaranteed! Call A.J.’s Import Garage for an appointment at (785) 233-1000. Visit them at ajsimportgarage.com.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Temperature Gauge.

You probably never notice your vehicle’s temperature gauge. About the only time that it gets your attention is when the temperature starts to rise. Now that's a wake-up call! This time of year, with your car’s heater on, it could definitely happen. For drivers around Topeka, if that happens, head toward A.J.’s Import Garage at 501 S.W. Harrison.


Here are some early warning signs -

1.  The dashboard is getting hotter.

2.  Any sign of steam or smoke.

3.  Unusual smells seem to be coming from your engine.

4.  Obviously, the temperature gauge lights up.

If you have waited until that final warning sign, then get into A.J.’s Import Garage ASAP. The great mechanics at A.J.’s are trained to troubleshoot the problem and get you back on the roads of Topeka. A.J.’s Import Garage of Topeka is a phone call away at this phone number (785) 233-1000. You will find them on the web at ajsimportgarage.com.