Monday, March 16, 2020

You Made it Through the Winter.

Well, at least your car battery did.  Another tough Topeka area winter and it (as well as you) survived it…congratulations!  So, what shape is your car’s battery in now?  It seems painfully obvious that the best time to replace your battery is before you need to, but how do you know it’s time to replace the battery if it’s not dead?

Here are a few common warning signs –

1.  The engine cranks slowly when you start it.
2.  A misshapen battery case.
3.  Battery fluid is leaking.
4.  Of course, that good old check engine light.

There is little that is more triumphant than replacing your vehicle’s battery just before it conks out on you.  To make that happen, stop in at A.J.’s Import Garage located at 501 S.W. Harrison.  A.J.’s has been taking care of foreign and domestic car batteries around the capitol city for many years.  Call for an appointment if you wish at (785) 233-1000.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

St. Patrick's Day 2020 Who Was St. Patrick? Why Do We Celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

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"Saint Patrick’s Day is on Tuesday, March 17, this year! Who was Saint Patrick? Why are shamrocks a symbol of this day? Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day history, legends, and lore."

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Japanese Imports and Their Challenges.

Japanese cars are renowned world-wide for their reliability, and many owners of Japanese automobiles report being able to drive 200,000 or even 300,000 miles before any major repairs are needed.  This is a testament to Japanese engineering and is evidence that Japanese vehicles are among the most reliable on the road.

On the flip side, here are some common problems in maintaining Japanese automobiles –

1.  Rust…not unique, but very real.
2.  Cracked or chipped paint.
3.  The suspension systems…keep a close eye on that.
4.  Brakes…replace them often as need be.

Here is a suggestion.  If you drive a Japanese import in the Topeka KS area you can always count on A.J.’s Import Garage…a premier location for fixing and maintaining your prized possession.  A.J.’s Import Garage specializes in German and Japanese vehicles at 501 S.W. Harrison in Topeka.  Make an appointment at (785) 233-1000.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What’s the Better Deal…BMW or Mercedes?

Who cares, really…they are both great, but which costs more in upkeep?  Prior to deciding which one to buy, we thought you should know.  Let’s take a quick look at the question of which one of these German dynamos is the most expensive to properly maintain and keep running smoothly on the highways and byways around Topeka. 

For many, owning a Mercedes is a dream come true, but one thing that often plays on our minds as we weigh up whether or not to buy one is the Mercedes service cost.  Well, when compared to BMW, Mercedes fares well on the maintenance front.  In the case of the BMW The 3 Series, is over 25% more expensive to maintain than the C-Class.

In the final analysis your desire for one of these vehicles is all that matters, except for the decision as to whom to trust for maintenance during its lifetime journey.  The easy answer in the Topeka area is A.J.’s Import Garage easily found at 501 S.W. Harrison.  For any foreign or domestic auto maintenance count on A.J.’s.  Just call (785) 233-1000.

Feb 26th - Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2020 - Topeka, Kansas

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Friends of the Kaw Announces the Wild & Scenic Film Festival for the 11th Year!


Thursday, February 6, 2020

Valentine's Day Events & Parties In Topeka

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Concerts, Romantic Dinners & Activities in Topeka
Pick your date and start planning!



Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Oil Changes…Always Changing.

Oil change intervals have evolved over the years thanks to modern automotive technology.  Older cars have become used to oil change intervals based on mileage, and have two maintenance schedules.  One of those is for cars driven in "normal" operation and another for those used in "intense service” which means lots of short trips and stop and go driving.

Most newer cars are equipped with oil-life monitoring systems.  They automatically determine when an oil change is needed and notify you with a “friendly” light on the instrument panel.  By the way, whenever you have your vehicle's oil changed, ask the service technician to reset the oil-life monitoring system.

Changing your car’s oil on a regular interval is always important in keeping your car on the road for years to come.  A.J.’s Import Garage certainly knows that, and our technicians can get you in and out of the shop in minutes with many other check-ups along the way.  Visit Topeka’s A.J.’s Import Garage located at 501 S.W. Harrison or call ahead at (785) 233-1000.